Powering business for less:
Creating a cleaner, more sustainable future

With a simple six step process, Genergy assists companies to develop a sustainable and lower cost approach to energy consumption. We do this through world-class audits, engineering and design, and the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.

Looking to save on energy costs? Tailor-made photovoltaic (PV) and hot water solutions may be your answer.

Through Genergy’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you can now invest in solar with reliable returns.

Through its PPA, Genergy provides its partners and customers with an opportunity to low cost energy at no upfront cost or directly sell electricity to other consumers.

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We are certified to and have handled several large scale centralized water heating projects around the country.

Genergy is equipped to undertake large scale water heating projects with a qualified engineering and design team to ensure regulations are adhered to and costs are kept at a minimum.

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Recent Projects

For over a decade, Genergy has completed several large scale solar projects. You’re in safe hands.


The Genergy Process

Genergy’s in-house team is fully equipped to handle every part of your project.
Our team is one of the few in the country that consists of qualified engineers and designers to guarantee you maximum savings through a simple process.

Monitoring Systems

We use top of the range real time monitoring systems to ensure maximum performance of your installation by identifying faults and precisely tracking the savings derived from your solar plant.

Creating A Greener Future

Take the first step towards saving on energy costs and creating a more sustainable future.

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