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Making Clean Affordable Energy Accessible

Genergy employs a dynamic team of innovative and experienced personnel, ranging from procurement specialists to a variety of engineers. This team facilitates the in-house feasibility studies, design and simulation, procurement, installation, commissioning, and operations and maintenance of our PV installations around the country. Our core team functions under the leadership and guidance of founding duo, CEO Terry Billson and COO Astrid Forbes, both of whom have been active participants in the local solar industry since Genergy’s inception in 2008.

Genergy’s main offerings include solar photovoltaic SSEG (small scale embedded generation), and energy efficient water heating interventions. In recent years, our portfolio has grown to include data verification and solar installation training.

Recent Projects

In over a decade, Genergy has completed several large scale solar projects across South Africa.


Some of Our Clients

Making Clean Affordable Energy Accessible

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