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Beat load shedding: UPS

UPS - uninterupted power supply

Is load shedding disrupting your life, your work and not to mention your appliances?

Here are some solutions:

Go for a long walk or …
Get a generator … very noisy an expensive to run
Light some candles …

These will not help you run basic appliances.

If you are looking at an expandable simple reliable alternative, you should be thinking of a UPS system.

What is a UPS system?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply

The following is a more in depth look at how Genergy’s UPS systems work and what they can do for you.

A UPS system is made up of an Inverter and Batteries and kicks in automatically when there is a power cut.

Here are some basic questions that will need to be answered before we direct you to the best system for your requirements:

  • What is the load in kVA/watts for the equipment that needs to be powered?
  • How long do you need the UPS to run for?
  • How much wiring will be necessary
It is very important for you to match your Energy requirements during load shedding with the system installed.
Obviously the higher your power demand, the bigger the system will be.
Diagram of components of ups installation with writing: GENERGY Sustainable


At Genergy we provide only high quality Inverters.

Your Inverter choice will be linked directly to the required usage and possible future expansion of your installation. You will have the option of adding batteries, include Solar panels and/or feed back into the municipal electrical grid.


Lead acid batteries are primarily used in systems where stored energy is only required in the occasion of a grid outage, such as load shedding or a power failure.

The batteries chemistry is best suited to maintaining a full charge rather than cycling through a 24 hour charge and discharge period. That is why we chose them for UPS systems. The battery cycles can be spread over a longer time an may need changing after 3 to 5 years. They are also the cheapest battery option on the market.

Lithium Ion batteries would be considered if a system in the near future will receive additional power from solar panels or requires to cycle more frequently.

Conclusion on UPS

It has become obvious that power outages in South Africa are going to be around for quite some time. A UPS system is a good way to start claiming your independence and a good starting block to start producing your own energy. It is easily expandable to include solar panels.

Speak to a Genergy consultant for advice on how to start building your energy independence.

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