People generally prefer the concept of generating their own electricity by the means of photovoltaics whilst the frist steps should look at energy efficency initiatives. Over the recent years electricity consumers have become more and more energy conscious, primarily because the cost of electricity has sky rocketed and it now affect their pockets and lifestyle. There’s also the reality of climate change which is starting to resonate with the consumers as the risks are real and affects everyone.

Genergy’s phylosophy as a company is primarily focused on sustainability but more specifically sustainability with respect to energy. There are two sides to the energy coin, the one is to use electricity more efficiently and the other is to generate your own electricity. The investment required in implementing Energy efficiency initiaives (such as solar water heating / heat pump, energy efficient lighting, cooking with gas) has a much quicker return on investment than installing generation capacity. This highlights the importance of implementing energy efficiency initiatives first prior to investing in a photovoltaic system. In recent years, with grid-parity being reached, installaing your own generation capicity is a viable option with a pay back of around 5 years.

It is for this reason that Genergy has a basket of offering on both the energy efficiency side and photovoltaics generation from 1Kw to 100Kw for net metering and up to 1 MW for embedde roof top generation. Genergy maintains a strong phylosophy with respect to offering top quality and best in class products, this answers to our passion for sustainability and doing the right thing first time round. One of the areas we are currently developing is that of energy security particularly in light of the eratic supply of electricity and the imminent rolling black outs as alluded to by Eskom in their recent communication. Gernergy’s new Hybrid Photovoltaic system will allow the consumer to have a small back up in the case of a rolling black out as well being grid-tied for when electricity supply is functioning. This will allow businesses to remain operational during black outs without the use of a generator. We plan to launch this in August 2014.