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Embracing Artistic Flair: GENERGY Inspires Energy Efficiency Awareness in ENERGY EFFICIENT ART COMPETITION

people presentation for energy efficient art competition awareness with writing: GENERGY Inspired sustainability


This week the NMBM Electricity & Energy department hosted the Energy Efficiency Art competition at the Grootkloof Education Centre in Hillside.
Genergy was one of the sponsors of this event.

Organisations across the world are using innovative strategies to spread awareness and motivate action in a time when energy efficiency and sustainability are crucial, especially in South Africa.
This contest provided competitors from primary and secondary schools as well as local artists with a platform to demonstrate their artistic abilities while bringing attention to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Unleashing Artistic Expression

Pupils and Artists were invited to submit their unique drawings. The competition aimed to engage a large audience in understanding the importance of energy conservation by utilising the power of art to communicate these complex ideas.

Energy Efficiency as the Central Theme

Exploring several aspects of energy efficiency was encouraged, with an emphasis on both personal choices and broader environmental effects. The artworks emphasised the value of everyday energy-saving habits, the function of renewable energy sources, and the advantages of utilising sustainable technologies.

3 contestants with their entries at the energy efficiency art competition in Nelson Mandela Bay with writing: GENERGY INSPIRED SUSTAINABILITY
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Engaging and Inspiring Participants

The Artistic Flair competition received a variety of entries, each of which provided a distinctive viewpoint on energy saving. The need of renewable energy was emphasised through children’s drawings of solar panels and wind turbines, which graphically portrayed energy-saving practises like turning off lights and unplugging unnecessary equipment. Participants artistically illustrated how technology and energy efficiency interact.

Celebrating Winners and Showcasing Art

Local artists and the Primary and Secondary School winners were announced.

Winner of Primary school category: Kayla Hazel  from Dr viljoen

Winner of High school category: Linamandla Mbanga from Walmer High

Winner of Open category: N Ntwakumba

While the local artist received a portable backup system and his work will be displayed on municipal property, the winners in the school categories each received a voucher worth R10,000 for their schools. The sponsors of these prizes, Genergy and Rubicon, urged the contestants to pursue professions in the energy industry.

Photo collage of windmills in sunset and Solar panels with writing: GENERGY Inspired Sustainability

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