We’re proud to introduce a few happy customers – people who have engaged with Genergy, and who have had systems installed and are happy with what they have.

Johan Langler chose a hybrid system as well as 12 photovoltaic panels on his roof. He wanted relief from loadshedding, and the cost of electricity, as well as ongoing security.

Happy Customer - solar panels

Happy Customer – solar panels









As opposed to a grid-tied system or an off-grid system, a hybrid system has a difference in that the user is able to control where the system receives power and where to send it to – either the home, the battery and/or the grid.

“Johan’s system is ideally suited for his needs,” said Genergy’s Rowen Loretz. “By putting the 12 panels on his north-facing roof, he is going to be able to make a noticeable saving on his electricity usage, and he will also be totally covered during loadshedding and power failures. Johan is the sort of guy who wants things to run smoothly without and hassles, so we installed a system to do that, and to take away his worries about loadshedding and security and that sort of stuff.”

Happy Customer - inverter and battery supply

Happy Customer – inverter and battery supply

It just so happened, that there was a little bit of stability in the Grid soon afterwards, and loadshedding has been very infrequent. Still, with the coal mining strike looming, loadshedding 102 is just around the corner.

“I was very happy with the work that Genergy did,” said Johan of the installation. “They were neat and tidy, they made good use of their time, and they have been in regular contact to make sure everything is cool. We haven’t had that much loadshedding to test the system completely, but from all accounts it seems to be exactly what we needed.”

Johan’s system is a 3kW Hybrid system, with 12 x photovoltaic panels.