Another one of our happy customers – Soula Pappas from Gauteng.

Soula –

– We first insisted on a generator, but we had a few hassles and a few crashes on our appliances. It wasn’t the ideal system.

– Then we discussed our needs with Terry and Genergy and decided on another system. We firstly changed all our lights to LED. Which made an immediate difference. Then we got the battery back up system in place.

– Our needs were obviously unique – we work from home and we were experiencing long blackouts – and we needed about 4 – 5 hours of power to keep going. No one can afford not to work these days. No one can afford to waste hours during the day because of no power.

– So it’s a couple of quite big batteries, but I don’t actually know exactly what the technical system was. The fact is that the Genergy team and their sub-contractors were brilliant. – They came in and did the research thoroughly and then were neat and the job was very tidy. When the load shedding came we didn’t event know that it had started. We actually had to get the Eskom loadshedding app, so that we knew if a loadshedding was coming, Then after the backup battery supply, we still had the generator that could keep us going should we so need it.

– On the whole the job was amazing, and we’re totally stoked about it. Life has become so much easier without having to worry about the load shedding.

– Now we’re just worried about the impending water shortages haha.

The Genergy tech specs for Soula’s job.

– Genergy installed a 200 L Quantum integrated heat pump for water heating. This is an energy efficient alternative to a conventional 3kW geyser. The electrical power input of 0.66kW gives an equivalent heat output rating of 2.45 kW. Soula will in effect reduce hot water heating costs by almost 80 %. Thus if she used to spend R500 on just heating water via electricity, she will now only spend about R110 per month on heating the water. (This does however fluctuate and is dependent of the weather – similar to solar thermal geysers.)

– The back- up power system Genergy installed for Soula consists of a 3kW pure sine wave inverter (24 V) with 6 x 150 amp hour AGM deep cycle lead acid batteries that will give back up power of 5.4 kwh of back up at 50 % DOD (depth of discharge)  – this system is called the Genergy Power Pack.

– Lastly, in an effort to reduce overall consumption and in order to help the inverter run all the lights and other dedicated loads, Genergy changed all lights to energy efficient LED down lights. Soula can now run all the lights and dedicated loads without overloading the inverter during Eskom load shedding.