Another happy Genergy customer – Grant Tilston

Here at Genergy we are proud of the work we do, and like to engage with satisfied customers to see what they are happy with, and what worked for them. In this episode we talk to Grant Tilston, who had a 6 kw hybrid and a heat pump installed.

What were the main reasons why you decided to get a solar installation?

Grant: With the price of electricity going the way it is going and the continuous load shedding and us doing a new build, it made sense to incorporate it . I also felt that I couldn’t lose financially , I would have to pay for the system but  I would have a saving on my electrical spend monthly and I felt that it would increase the resale value of the house if I were to sell .

Do you have an opinion on solar energy? You’re obviously into it, but do you feel strongly about?

Grant: Obviously there is the feeling of being a little bit greener and the way the infrastructure is going in South Africa currently it makes sense to try and rely on your own resources .

Do you have an opinion on Eskom and the troubles with our nationwide electricity system?

Grant: I think they are in chaos and that electricity will only become more expensive and unreliable .

How long did the install take? Did you expect it to be this long, or longer/shorter?

Grant: We installed during our build, so it was all done within the building process . I think that the builder actually held up the installation. I think the initial install took a few days, with a few days monitoring. It was a lot quicker than I thought it would have been .


Were you happy with the install procedures and work? What was your opinion on the team?

Grant: It is neat and tidy and looks good . I was not on site during the installation but have been dealing with Riaan with regards the installation. I found him to be knowledgeable and eager to please and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all is running 100% .

Have you been utilizing your system since installation?

Grant: 100%.

Has the system been working as you so wished?

Grant: The way that I initially thought the system would work, without doing any research, would be that I would not realize whether I was on solar. Which is exactly as it has ended up. If I didn’t know the house was running on solar I would have no idea that it was. The system is seamless and the only time you have an idea that you are different from anyone else is when you see their lights go off, or the generators start up when the Eskom power goes down.


Do you have any further plans with solar energy?

Grant: I think we have done it quite extensively at home so this will probably be it on this house. We are looking at it, and talking to Genergy for some of our business properties.