Genergy Newsletter 2016   #1

Hi all and welcome to this our first Genergy newsletter of the year. The reason why you’re on the receiving end of this mailer is because you’ve either done business with Genergy or you have expressed interest in our company and our products in the past.



It has already been ten years since Al Gore released his documentary – An Inconvenient Truth  – on global warming, and the dire predicament we as mankind were in. See trailer here


This year Al Gore, who is a brilliant speaker by the way, has morphed into an optimist. While he does acknowledge that there is incredible damage being wrought daily, he has become more positive and confident that we shall beat the dragon that is breathing flames down our necks, and figure out the way to overcome global warming.

These are the three takeaways that we’d like to highlight from his recent TED Talk.
Do we really have to change?
Each day, manmade greenhouse gas pollution traps the same amount of heat energy as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs. Pretty unbelievable, but a well-researched and verified figure according to Gore. As a result, 14 of the 15 hottest years ever measured have taken place since 2001. These higher temps are having a profound affect on animals, humans and the oceans, so yes, we really do have to change.

Can we change?
For sure. We have already started the change. Renewable energy is growing exponentially. In fact, its development has significantly beaten expert forecasts time and time again. The price of solar energy has been dropping year on year for 30 years. Apart from saving the earth, the renewable energy evolution could very well be the biggest business opportunity in the world right now.

Will we change?
Oh yes. In December 2015, 195 countries approved the Paris Agreement on climate change and consented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This was a massive advance, after decades of botched efforts. And around the world, from China to India to the US, countries are adding more and more capacity in renewable energy. The change is already deep in progress. In the words of Al Gore, “When any great moral challenge is resolved into choice between right and wrong, the outcome is preordained because of who we are. That is why we are going to win this.”

For the full TED Talk –


When it comes to green tips and ways to recycle and upcycle, it is always the small things that count the most. The collective efforts of thousands of people doing small things can lead to a shift of focus, and the start of a greening consciousness.
It starts on the way to work. Lift clubs cut down on fuel consumption and emissions, as well as congestion. In some countries it is illegal to drive to a city alone in a vehicle, and lift clubs thus become compulsory.

• Every suburb has a recycling center and many homes have recycle-specific bins with glass, paper and food waste all clearly defined. To do the same in the office is basic, and helps to teach everyone about the value of recycling.

• In inter-office communications it is often unnecessary to print documents, when they can be shared, via Google Drive or similar sharing programs.

• There are also eco-friendly inks available, like soy-based ink and vegetable-based ink. By choosing inks that are not chemical and petroleum-based, businesses can save money and protect their staff and the environment.

• There are a number of recycled paper options available for business, for low-end inter-office printouts as well as presentation-quality options.

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