A company like Genergy has so many moving parts to it, to keep it functioning optimally in a very fluid environment. The only constant is change in the world of renewables, so a company like Genergy needs to be able to go with the flow, and constantly morph itself accordingly.

It takes a special kind of person to run a show like this. While a CEO wants boxes ticked, spreadsheets correct and presentable, and all back-office admin done to the extremes of exactness, he or she also wants a company that will exceed all expectations in terms of growth and relevance.

So the person needs to be rigid yet flexible, assertive yet adaptable. Enter Genergy owner and CEO Terry Billson

How old are you and where were you born?

I was born in July 1969 in Durban, South Africa.

What was your childhood like?

We moved around a bit and ended up in Port Elizabeth to finish school at Muir College. I then went on to study Industrial Engineering at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University!

What was the impetus that got you to start Genergy?

I think it was all the noise around the Kyoto Accord that attracted my attention to climate change, and the challenge human kind will face as a result of human kind’s impact on the environment!

Who exactly came up with the very exciting and catchy company name?

I would love to claim that but it was Astrid Forbes our operations director who we have to thank for that!

What has the renewable energy road been like over the last couple of years?

It has been very exciting and filled with thrills and challenges, but overall it is a really feel good space and an exciting and dynamic space to be operating in. I think that it will be an exciting space to watch over the next few years.

What do you consider your proudest moment with Genergy?

There are two clear projects …the first was being involved in the Kuyasa Community project in Cape Town, and the second would be the design, installation and commissioning of probably one of the most energy efficient hot water production facilities in South Africa using only 6% of the electricity to traditional hot water assets. The system is. 3000 m solar thermal and heat pump hybrid!

Genergy CEO Terry Billson and Patric

Genergy CEO Terry Billson and Patric

What are the long-term goals for your company?

I would like see the company entrenching itself in the South African market as a trusted Esco, reducing its customer’s dependence on fossil fuels, and to be known as a company of integrity that lives by its philosophies and value system which are to be smart honest reliable and credible!

What are your predictions where the South African/Eskom situation is headed?

I think that here are some fundamental flaws with Eskom, that will continue to drive Eskom frustration levels up and drive them to Genergy and the solutions we provide!!

What is the most important advice you would like to give the public wrt solar and renewable energy?

I believe that sustainability and more specifically energy sustainability is a consciousness which once adopted will drive the correct behavior and increase the adoption of the technologies we have to offer!