Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team 5 – Jonathan De Ridder

National Sales Manager Jonathan De Ridder has only been with Genergy for a few months, but has already proven himself to be an essential and integral part of the team. We climbed in to see what makes him tick.




How long have you been working for Genergy?

I have been with Genergy since January 2016

What did you do before you arrived at Energy?

I was the Sales manager at The Rhino Group.

What has been the best thing about working for Genergy?

The work environment is the best I have every worked in. Every employee has so much positive energy and this makes working fun.

What has been the most challenging aspect in working with Genergy?

The most challenging aspect has been to juggle implementing my own structures, push sales staff and push for own sales at the same time.

Being in renewables is a great space to be right now.

This is a great space to be in as all potential clients are open minded. The technology is not a grudge buy and thus working with the market is always fun and never the same. And of course then cherry on top is that we are actually making a difference

What is your dream of the future with regards to energy and renewables?

I would like to build Genergy to be one of the leading renewable companies in SA.

Are you passionate about the role solar is going to play in our future?

Most certainly. I believe that society has been brought up to speed with regard to the value that PV has to offer. This is truly a snowball effect and I am very excited to see what the future has to offer.

Do you think we will soon be in a place that doesn’t need nuclear/Thyspunt style models?

I believe that the first nuclear site will take in excess of 20 years to complete. By this stage the renewable energy market would have grown to such a state that we do not need a nuclear site.

What is the biggest challenge with day to day living in South Africa for you?

I guess it would be to fight my urge to hop down to the beachfront as all our days are so beautiful. I can’t say anything negative about our beautiful country. In fact something positive is that the people have discovered that they have a voice that can be heard.

Tell us a good nuclear joke.

What would you find in the “in case of emergency” box at a nuclear plant? ………………Running shoes