Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team – Part 2

Genergy Eastern Cape Sale Representative Rowen Loretz

Genergy South Africa has a big and growing team, doing the good work of renewable energy in the country. There are engineers and sales people, photovoltaic specialists and project managers, installers and electricians, operational managers an CEO’s. It’s time to get to know who these people are in the team and what makes Genergy click.

Second up in our Getting To Know The Team is the Genergy Eastern Cape Sales Representative Rowen Loretz.


Rowen, what are your job specifics? What are you tasked to do?

My main job would be to bring in sales from the Eastern Cape region. Right now I handle a lot of domestic sales inquiries, but also a good number of commercial inquiries. I am passionate about renewable energy and want to promote Genergy and its core principles of tailored energy and alternative solutions that are smart, credible, honest and reliable. Besides this I am also very involved with the various aspects of our domestic installations and try and manage the complete process from initial inquiry or first contact to the final handover of a purchased system. Every step needs to be very well managed in order for a customer to experience good service which will most likely lead to more future business and word of mouth referrals. The sales process in the business can often be particularly complicated due to complexity of the products we sell. The most difficult thing is often helping people understand how our products work and function and therefore it is also important to know one’s product and the technical specifications and installation guidelines.

So, they keep you pretty busy then. How long have you been with Genergy?

I’ve been here since October last year.

You’re still fresh. Did you come in at this position or did you start somewhere else in the company?

I came into this position as I was in a similar position with another renewable company before this.

Good move then. Where do you see yourself going with Genergy?

I see myself growing with Genergy. I work together with a very good team and we all get on well with each other and believe it is very important because collectively we are Genergy. It is the people that make the company. I also like the challenges of the job and believe we are in a very exciting and dynamic market …trying to save the world and making a living out of it haha.

In all fairness, and seriousness though, we have one shot at fixing this planet and relooking at the way we use energy. Energy is all around us and only now are we realising the great cost of using energy like fossil fuels incorrectly.

Leading from there, Genergy is a forward-thinking company working with renewables. This must be a very rewarding company to work for?

Yes, it is. Part of the parcel is doing what I enjoy, and selling the ideas and values and getting paid for it all at once. This is rewarding and motivates me quite a lot. I also get to meet interesting people and I am not always stuck behind a desk. Every day is different and I have learned from people like Terry (Billson, Genergy CEO) that there will always be challenges in this business, but it is how well you deal with these challenges that people admire. It is easy to run away and ignore the problems. No solution that we offer is standard and no problems we encounter are standard either but we will try and resolve it.

Genergy Solar

What is the absolute best thing about working for Genergy?

The people . You become part of the Genergy family. We are all also at a very ambitious stage of our lives and I think this is important. We all want the business to succeed.

There must be some tough days as well. What is the hardest thing about your job?

Hmmm. I would say the single most difficult part is managing customer’s expectations and ensuring that everyone is in agreement or on the same page. Communication somehow ties in with this as lack of communication can lead to a lot of problems .

What is the second hardest thing about your job?

Time management. I would also say that things would be easier if we had more time in the week. When one is busy time just flies.

What is the third hardest thing about your job? — Naah, only joking… more realistically, what are the biggest challenges faced with selling solar/renewable?

Educating the customer and explaining / answering technical questions. It is so important to get the customer to understand what he or she is buying to avoid potential problems down the line. Many people are in the market to do something about their electricity bill because of the high costs of electricity or because of load shedding. People can often be fooled into buying something because they don’t understand the technology. It is like selling a 3 year old kid a chocolate recipe and all the ingredients and tools required to make the chocolate – you even give them a taste of the chocolate beforehand , but you know they can’t read and won’t be able to make the chocolate because they’re only 3 years old. I can use that type of analogy and I don’t mean to say consumers don’t know anything at all. They obviously do have an interest and want to learn about solar and renewables just like I did. It is important to realise that I was that 3 year old kid at once stage too.

What is your biggest achievement within Genergy?

I would say this would be having been here almost a year and I am still standing ;-/

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to spend time with my fiancé , to spend time with friends and savour a couple of beers…and sometimes to just chill at home and to stare at my two goldfish ( Fanta and Orange ) swimming in my fish tank . I also like the outdoors, animals and photography. I even like a bit of gardening sometimes. It keeps me as close to earth as I can get and it is quite therapeutic.

That goldfish thing sounds good. Do you have much spare time or do they keep you under the whip?

Not really that much, if I am not at work, I am working at home ( cleaning up, doing washing etc ). I like to do things myself because then I can do it properly.

Doing washing… you’re a good man.  What is the best thing about living in South Africa?

The open space, beauty, weather… and people that live here that we often take for granted.

How do you feel about nukes?

Would you believe it, I was once in favour but not anymore. Not after the most recent disaster in Japan. Not after reading about nuclear waste being dumped into the sea. Not after I heard about how it will bankrupt South Africa and potential for corruption, not after I realised we don’t have the right people and engineers to run all the nuclear plants, not after I heard about the costs of nuclear waste management and certainly not after I realised we have so much renewable energy available in South Africa to harness.

There you have it. No nukes.

Agreed. No nukes.


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