Genergy Bookkeeping And Everything Else – Lauren Butcher

What is your official title and role at Genergy?

I don’t know what my official title is at Genergy, but I am mainly responsible for all book keeping functions on Pastel, including capturing of all debtors and creditors invoices, bank recons, journals, inventory control etc along with numerous other general office admin tasks

I hear you do a lot more than this. What else do you find yourself doing in a day?

I am actually employed by another entity which has an interest in Genergy, so although I am based at the Genergy offices and spend a large portion of my day completing my Genergy related functions, I am also responsible for those same tasks for 4 other companies related to my employer.

How long have you been working at Genergy for?

I have been with Genergy right from the start in early 2008, and have enjoyed being a part of the journey to what the company has become today

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is being involved in an industry that promotes clean energy and making a difference to the environment

Does your job have a worst thing about it? If so, what is it?

The worst thing about my job is that because I work with several different entities (all very different from each other), I have to do a lot of juggling of tasks to ensure that everyone’s work is completed timeously and that urgent requests (which happen daily and all too frequently) are sorted out and attended to as soon as they possibly can be. But I guess the good thing about this is that no day is ever boring or monotonous (which I think this type of job could be) and time flies by.

If you were to be able to make one big change in this country, what would you do?

If I could make one big change to this country it would be to ensure that every child has access to a good education regardless of income. Education is vital in order for this country to move forward positively, and lack of money should not exclude anyone from access to decent schools and universities. We (my husband and I) have been fortunate enough to be able to afford to give both our daughters a good education and I firmly believe that every child should be entitled to this. Quality education is a right not a privilege!

Good call. What do you do for down-time on the weekend and after hours?

My weekends are spent relaxing with family (which nowadays is my husband as both my daughters have left home) and friends, braaiing if the weather is good, walking my dogs (at the beach or river, weather permitting), catching up on TV and reading.

Sounds nice and relaxed. What is the most challenging thing about working in the renewable energy sector?

Making sure we stand out above the competition in this fast growing competitive market by maintaining our company values and offering a good product and reliable service.


What is the most satisfying thing/project that you have worked on with Genergy?

We have been involved in many projects over the years from installing 6000 low-pressure units in Soweto, to large

Scale projects on the mines and more recently large PV projects in Port Elizabeth. My function has always in the background with the paperwork which is pretty much the same for each job, so I couldn’t really pick out one as most satisfying for me personally, but it is generally very satisfying to be part of a company that has been involved in these projects and to do my part, albeit small and in the background.