Genergy Eastern Cape Solar Installer Patric Thabatha.

There is hard work, sweat and toil, in the solar and renewable energy industry. If we’re dealing with the elements, like sun and the wind, then we need to get out there amongst it all to harness these energy sources. It can’t be done from a desk.

One of the most crucial jobs is that of the Solar Installer – installing the photovoltaic panels and the solar elements. This is Patric (in the white) and he is the Genergy Solar Installer for photovoltaics and solar water heating.

Patric - Genergy Solar Installer

Patric Thabatha   – Genergy Solar Installer









Patric is a popular and friendly dude around the Genergy offices. We got chatting.

So how long have you been working for Genergy?
I’ve been here for over three years now.

What is your total list of duties?
I supervise Health and Safety on site, and I install the photovoltaic panels and the Solar Water Heating Systems.

How does an average day go for Patric?  Run through some of the work details that you might do on an ordinary day.
During a normal day my duties are quite wide-spread. I can be found working on site, doing installations, and making sure that the warehouse is nice and clean.

What are the worries or stresses that your job gives you?
My biggest worry is seeing guys not being serious and taking chances on site. I also don’t like seeing my bosses stress.

Does it give you satisfaction when you do a good job?
Yes of course. I find satisfaction in completing a good job.

What is the biggest job you have worked on with energy?
I worked on the 100kW Paterson Road Solar PV installation

What are the biggest problems you come across with regards to clients, as opposed to the actual installation?
My biggest drama is when a  client stands in front of me while I’m working. This is stressful.

What are the best things about working for Genergy?
The best things about working for Genergy is seeing Genergy go far, and getting more clients from generation to generation.

Genergy CEO Terry Billson and Patric

Genergy CEO Terry Billson and Patric











Where do you see the solar and renewable energy industry going?
I see it as growing at a fast rate, and thus taking more and more of Eskom load shedding down, as well as playing a big part in the Solar and Renewable Energy Industry.

What do you do to chill out and slow down?
When it comes to the weekend and time to chill, I like to relax with my family, and go to Church.