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Genergy designs, installs and maintains domestic home and office systems

Not all solutions will supply you with electricity during load shedding so please read the different options carefully.

Types of energy solutions: There are 4 basic types of systems to consider:

Grid-Tied Solar Solution | Uninterupted Power Supply / UPS | Off-Grid Solution | Hybrid Solar & Back-Up Solution

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GENERGY Grid Tied Solar Diagram
GENERGY Off Grid Diagram

Grid Tied Solar

  • Inverter and Solar Panels
  • Connected to Power Grid
  • Return on energy supplied to grid
  • No Back up during Eskom load shedding
  • From R 72 100
Genergy Grid Tied Diagram

U P S / Battery back up

Uninterupted power supply / Off-Grid Solutions:

  • This solution will provide you with back-up power during load-shedding.
  • Pure Battery back up  with Inverter
  • Expandable to include Solar Panels
  • From R 32 400
Genergy UPS Diagram

Off Grid / Self Consumption

  • Not connected to Grid
  • Must be matched with consumption
  • Made up of Panels, Inverter and Batteries
GENERGY Off Grid Diagram

Hybrid System

  • All in one solar generation and energy storage solution
  • Grid tied and Battery ready
  • Most flexible option
  • From R 117 150

Genergy has completed successful Domestic home and office solar installations

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