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Home and Office Solar and Back Up Options

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Not all solutions will supply you with electricity during load shedding so please read the different options carefully. The following is some basic Information you need to understand.

Types of energy solutions: There are 3 basic types of systems to consider:

Grid-Tied Solar Solution | Pure Back-Up / Off-Grid Solution | Hybrid Solar & Back-Up Solution

Grid-Tied Solar Solutions:

This is the simplest of all solutions but will not help during load-shedding.

If you have consistent day time electricity consumption, this system will reduce your daytime consumption by supplementing it with solar energy generated electricity. The models may vary slightly from one municipality to another or Eskom (depending on where your electricity supply comes from); it is important to ensure that all SSEG (Small scale embedded generation) regulations are adhered to by your supplier / installer.

This system incorporates, a grid tied inverter, solar photovoltaic panels & mounting structure, system approval by your metro (who will replace your meter accordingly), engineering sign off (electrical & structural) if necessary.

It is important to understand your annual consumption in order for this system to be sized appropriately.

Pure Back-Up / Off-Grid Solutions:

This solution will provide you with back-up power during load-shedding.

It is completely independent from the grid and the system comprises of an off-grid inverter and batteries and optional PV Panels. This can be in the form of a stand-alone solution or you can choose to have the system integrated into your existing electrical board. In this case, essential loads will need to be split on your electricity board and a COC (Certificate of Compliance) from your electrician is required. You can also choose to run your entire load on the back-up system in which case the essential loads do not need to be split. This solution will require a large inverter and battery capacity which will require a large capital outlay.

You can choose a system that will charge from solar panels or electricity supply or both. Most back-up inverters have intelligent software which can choose the cheapest source of power to charge from and also manage your battery discharge.

There are two main battery options, lead acid (which normally only carry a 1 year warranty and can provide about 1000 cycles based on useage and depth of discharge) and Lithium-ion batteries (which can carry up to a 10-year warranty and provide up to 5000 cycles). We recommend Lithium-ion batteries for a better return on investment.

Hybrid Solar & Back-Up Solutions:

This solution will provide you with back-up power during load-shedding and supplement your home and business with solar power generated on site. 

This is basically a combination of the first two solutions. This system will require the necessary municipal approvals and COC’s.

Most Hybrid inverters can be set up to optimally choose it’s source of power. This is an essential feature as it optimizes your system intelligently and can be programmed to suit your specific needs. This system can also be modular, i.e you can always add the Solar Panels at a later stage and start off with a hybrid inverter and batteries.

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