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Offering Induction lighting solution in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth & Gauteng.

Genergy is a nationwide company with offices in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg. As a registered energy services company, Genergy, has positioned itself to provide effective, sustainable and affordable solutions, to Eskom’s sky-rocketting prices.

Genergy has consistently demonstrated that the right mix of sustainable energy solutions can make significant reduction in your electricity useage.

Induction Lighting is one of Genergy’s offering. Having rolled out large projects in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, Genergy has significant experience in both installing and supplying top quality induction lights ranging from 80w to 250w Induction Lights.

Magnetic Induction Lamps are basically fluorescent lamps that operate without electrodes or filaments. A high-frequency induction magnetic field is used to excite a gas inside the lamp into a snow-slide plasma. When atoms in the material return to their original state, they radiate and produce visible light just like fluorescent lamps.

This new technology solves electrode-aging related problems found in other lighting systems resulting in a maintenance-free and long-life lamp (up to 100,000 hours at 95% performance). That is 25 to 100 times longer than high-pressure sodium lamps and conventional incandescents, respectively!

Magnetic Induction Lamps also offer instant start and restrike, do not flicker and are dimmable. The use of microprocessor-controlled circuits, results in a loss of 2% of energy unlike the 10-15% that is wasted in traditional ‘core and coil’ designs.

Switching to induction lighting makes perfect business sense. A long life means your company will, almost immediately, enjoy a 30-50% cost-saving due to reduced need for replacements. Apply that over ten years and suddenly the picture becomes brighter.

The high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lamps currently found in most high bays and warehouses, for example, generate heat levels of between 315?C and 482?C. An induction lamp ranges between 24?C and 48?C which means your air-conditioning costs in summer will be lower.

With a colour-rendering index of 85+ and having no glare, induction lamps can also improve productivity in your workplace and make your in-store products appear more appealing due to improved colour rendition.

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