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Kleinskool Project

The Kleinskool Project

Last year Genergy was approached by “Studio D’Arc Architects” on behalf of the Kleinskool Community Project Trust. The Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation, whose mission is to assist, develop and support the community in Kleinskool. This also includes surrounding marginalised areas. The Trust serves through projects steered by basic social and educational needs in the community.

Solar panel installation on top of Kleinskool with writing: Genergy Inspired Sustainability

They started the Kids4Joy pre-school, which is in one of the poorest and violence riddled communities in Gqeberha.
Furthermore, four times a week a soup kitchen feeds between 120 to 180 children, including several adults.
However, they required energy solution assistance to run the pre-school and soup kitchen.

The Solution

Genergy saw the amazing work that the Kleinskool Trust were doing in this community and approached our suppliers for assistance.
Rubicon donated 14 solar PV panels, and some cabling. Hubble donated lithium-ion batteries,
and Phocos the inverter.
Genergy provided the remaining equipment, which included switchgear, cables, and mounting structure. In addition, Genergy project managed and facilitated the installation and commissioning of all the equipment.

Inside of Kleinskool with Writing: Genergy Inspired Sustainability
Trench in front of Kleinskool Building with Tables and benches in the foreground with writing Genergy Inspired sustainability

The System

Together we provided an off-grid power solution to provide electricity to the facility. We also provided the electrical reticulation on the premises, whereby we installed interior and exterior lighting together with
various plugs throughout.



The installed system comprises of a 5kW inverter, coupled to 5kWp of solar panels, and a 120Ah lithium-ion battery bank. This provides enough power during the day to run the pre-school and soup kitchen, as well as essential external lighting during night-time for security purposes.

Kleinskool Project building with writing: Genergy Inspired sustainability
Installed Inverters and Batteries with writing: Genergy Inspired Sustainability

We would like to thank everyone who made this project possible

School kids group inside Kleinschool with teacher

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