Genergy & associates offer the following metering options for electrical, gas and water metering.

Smart Metering Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) which includes:
– Automated Billing
– Energy Auditing
– Import / Export Reading
– Smart Prepaid Metering
– Water metering

Our services include:
– Data Analysis
– Monthly Billing Options
– Remote access via a secure web portal where you can keep track of your usage

Benefits of Automatic Meter Reading:

Automatic Meter Reading provides the following information:
1. Consumption feedback
2. Cost and tariff information
3. Time of use analysis
4. Bill payment information.

Automatic Meter Reading removes the need to rely on your local Municipality or utility manager for billing and meter readers. It delivers accurate automatic meter readings by measuring and recording electricity usage every half an hour.

This allows for timeous billing or provisional billing that you can control; provides you with electricity demand control, power factor correction, water management & leak detection, demand side reduction strategies.