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Genergy Projects: The Northam Booysendal Installation

 Project Northam Booysendal The Northam Booysendal concession is situated approximately 35km from the town of Mashishing (formerly Lydenburg), straddling the border of Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces in South Africa. Genergy was tasked with a solution

Genergy Newsletter #2

June 2016 Genergy's Energy-Efficient Hot Water Solutions well as a little about greenwashing, greening tips, and then some surfing. Hi and welcome to our second ever Genergy newsletter. We at Genergy hope you are

As Things Heat Up, Energy Prices Cool Down.

Carbon dioxide continues to increase in the atmosphere with a major milestone of 400 parts per million of CO2 recorded in the Southern Hemisphere according to CSIRO's Dr David Etheridge. Heat Rises We as a

Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team 5 – Jonathan De Ridder

National Sales Manager Jonathan De Ridder has only been with Genergy for a few months, but has already proven himself to be an essential and integral part of the team. We climbed in to see

The Genergy PowerPack

GENERGY POWERPACK We have been observing the evolution of the South African energy environment, particularly with regards to energy security, and one thing has always stood out - the fact that South Africans have a

Solar and The Future: The Little Things We Do.

One of the knock on effects that loadshedding had in South Africa was to elucidate to us the concept that every little bit counts. Every single person who attempted to lower his or her Eskom

Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team 6 – Pierre Bessinger

AS Genergy Project Engineer, Pierre Bessinger is a key element of the Genergy operations. Let's get to know him a little better. What is your full official title, and what is it you do as

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