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Genergy Happy Customers – Part 3

Another happy Genergy customer - Grant Tilston Here at Genergy we are proud of the work we do, and like to engage with satisfied customers to see what they are happy with, and what worked

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes are the two things that we can be certain of, in these uncertain times. They’re not end-times, as many gloomists proclaim, they’re just uncertain times. One of the sub-headers under the ‘Taxes’

Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team 4 – CEO Terry Billson

A company like Genergy has so many moving parts to it, to keep it functioning optimally in a very fluid environment. The only constant is change in the world of renewables, so a company like

The Philosophy Of Solar

When my wife and I decided to use Genergy for a backup system, it was to simply get away from the terrible Eskom troubles that were bugging us and messing with our work days and

Genergy: The Three Basic Solutions.

Sometimes all the solar energy solutions available out there get a bit confusing. If you cut through all the quagmire and the marketing, there are three basic systems that Genergy offer. Having said that, every