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As a registered Energy Services Company (ESCo) and well-established EPC, Genergy is fully equipped to handle large-scale commercial and industrial solar installations. Our team is involved from the first site inspection to system installation and maintenance, making us the perfect hands-on partner for your solar project. At Genergy we pride ourselves on designing optimal, bespoke solutions that provide clients with the opportunity to invest in renewable energy, energy security and the sustainable future of the planet. This is all achieved while ensuring a healthy return on investment.

Effective and Efficient Designs

Optimal Designs

Our in-house engineering and design team ensures that all Genergy systems are optimised for maximum yields to best suit your energy requirements and budgetary preferences.

Efficient Systems

The best solar installations are those that can produce maximum energy and operate effectively for the guaranteed lifespan. Our systems are engineered for efficiency and longevity.

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Our intelligent monitoring systems allow for real-time monitoring of solar PV plant performance in terms of production, usage and savings, which allows for speedy fault detection.

The Genergy Process

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