The word from Eskom is that there will be no loadshedding until next year May, according to company CEO Brian Molefe. As a direct result, less people are investing in back-up systems to get their businesses and their households through loadshedding times.

While solar energy, inverters and batteries are directly linked to loadshedding and power failures, this is not the reason to go solar. While it does solve the problem of loadshedding, installing solar has an array of other circumstances that make it worthwhile in South Africa.

My installation was primarily focused on keeping the two home businesses up and running. Now that loadshedding is over for a while, Genergy and I have discussed the next step in solar installations for my house.

Eskom has been raising prices consistently since 2008, and that increase is far greater than our current inflation rate. As our energy demands increase, so the tariffs will increase. The only way to get out of the system is to provide as much of your own energy as possible. When Genergy installed my two solar panels they did it in such a way that I could add more at any time, up to 14 solar panels with micro inverters. The more panels I install, the more solar energy I use and the less Eskom electricity I use.


It is going to take a while, like a decade or so, for any new power stations to come on line. So for the next ten years, at least, Eskom’s prices are going to increase. While I might be outlaying quite a bit in the beginning, my solar energy for the next ten years is going to be free, and immune to increases and inflation.

Even if Eskom were to stabilize, remember that we get our electricity delivered to us from our municipalities, and they are not capable of dropping their prices.

So, many people ask about the longevity of the panels. Reputable panels come with a 10-year guarantee, and the price of panels are dropping so quickly as demand increases that my opinion is that is 10 years time they’re not going to break the bank at all

Also, let’s remember that solar energy is clean. By going solar you add your bit to a cleaner environment and help in the fight against global warming and the protection of our environment.

let’s not forget one final point. A solar system adds value to your house. So should you decide that you’re over it all and want to go to Australia and live among the Australians, then your property should get a  better price than a similar house without solar.