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Solar: All The Reasons

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The word from Eskom is that there will be no loadshedding until next year May, according to company CEO Brian Molefe. As a direct result, less people are investing in back-up systems to get their businesses and their households through loadshedding times. While solar energy, inverters and batteries are directly linked to loadshedding and power

Genergy Happy Customers – Part 2

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Another one of our happy customers - Soula Pappas from Gauteng. Soula – - We first insisted on a generator, but we had a few hassles and a few crashes on our appliances. It wasn’t the ideal system. - Then we discussed our needs with Terry and Genergy and decided on another system. We firstly

Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team – Part 3

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Genergy Bookkeeping And Everything Else - Lauren Butcher What is your official title and role at Genergy? I don’t know what my official title is at Genergy, but I am mainly responsible for all book keeping functions on Pastel, including capturing of all debtors and creditors invoices, bank recons, journals, inventory control etc along with

Summer Holidays and Summer Energy

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People tell you that spring is around the corner. Well, people lie. “It's going to be cold, it's going to be dark and it's going to last you for the rest of your lives,” is how Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors describes the winter in Groundhog Day. Right now we’re stuck in August bleakness, and

Off Grid Solutions – Solar PV System

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Historically South Africans have enjoyed unquestionable energy security with Eskom being able to supply reliable electricity to industry and household at a relatively low price. In recent years the cost of electricity has escalated significantly and the ability to supply has been severely compromised for a number reasons including lack of maintenance, political interference, increased