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Genergy Happy Customers – Part 3

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Another happy Genergy customer - Grant Tilston Here at Genergy we are proud of the work we do, and like to engage with satisfied customers to see what they are happy with, and what worked for them. In this episode we talk to Grant Tilston, who had a 6 kw hybrid and a heat pump installed.

Genergy South Africa – Getting To Know The Team 4 – CEO Terry Billson

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A company like Genergy has so many moving parts to it, to keep it functioning optimally in a very fluid environment. The only constant is change in the world of renewables, so a company like Genergy needs to be able to go with the flow, and constantly morph itself accordingly. It takes a special kind

Genergy: The Three Basic Solutions.

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Sometimes all the solar energy solutions available out there get a bit confusing. If you cut through all the quagmire and the marketing, there are three basic systems that Genergy offer. Having said that, every single system is unique, as is every single customer. There are no plug-and-play solutions, and every system caters for each

Genergy Happy Customers – Part 1

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We're proud to introduce a few happy customers - people who have engaged with Genergy, and who have had systems installed and are happy with what they have. Johan Langler chose a hybrid system as well as 12 photovoltaic panels on his roof. He wanted relief from loadshedding, and the cost of electricity, as well

Summer Holidays and Summer Energy

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People tell you that spring is around the corner. Well, people lie. “It's going to be cold, it's going to be dark and it's going to last you for the rest of your lives,” is how Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors describes the winter in Groundhog Day. Right now we’re stuck in August bleakness, and