The Genergy PowerPack


We have been observing the evolution of the South African energy environment, particularly with regards to energy security, and one thing has always stood out – the fact that South Africans have a massive desire to take control of their own destiny when it comes to energy security.

As a result we at Genergy carefully analysed the challenges that South Africa was faced with when it came to load shedding, an unstable grid, financial implications, and installation processes.

Our solution is the Genergy PowerPack. It is affordable (prices below) and is customized to the South African energy systems needs and criteria. While most installations might need a few minor, user-specific adjustments, the Genergy PowerPack is designed as a bolt-on for any existing South African set-up.











What is it? It is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the market today, and is packed with unique features. It includes a Pure Sine Wave Inverter, and is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch in one complete system. It features power factor correction, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedentedly high surge capability to meet demanding power needs.

How does it work? When utility AC power cuts off, the transfer relay is de-energized and the load is automatically transferred to the Inverter output. Once the qualified AC utility is restored, the relay is energized and the load is automatically reconnected to AC utility.

It also has an overload capacity is 300% of continuous output for up to 20 secs, to reliably support tools and equipment longer.

The inverter can also easily be customized to battery priority via a DIP-switch. This helps to extract maximum power from battery in renewable energy systems.

The unit comes with a 3-year warranty and is extremely easy to install. At the moment the range is either a 3kw inverter or a 6kw inverter. Units are available right now and come with AGM batteries / battery stand and battery stand cover if required.

The inverters are priced at R7,950 for the 3kW unit, and R13,740 for the 6kW unit, the Genergy PowerPack could help a lot of South Africans during the long Winter ahead.

For more information contact Jonathan De Ridder on