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The Philosophy Of Solar

2016-10-18T13:56:16+00:00 Wednesday, November 25, 2015|Alternative Energy News|

When my wife and I decided to use Genergy for a backup system, it was to simply get away from the terrible Eskom troubles that were bugging us and messing with our work days and our lives. It was the start of a solar journey that has taken a few turns, and we have discovered [...]

Genergy: The Three Basic Solutions.

2016-10-18T13:56:16+00:00 Tuesday, November 17, 2015|Alternative Energy News|

Sometimes all the solar energy solutions available out there get a bit confusing. If you cut through all the quagmire and the marketing, there are three basic systems that Genergy offer. Having said that, every single system is unique, as is every single customer. There are no plug-and-play solutions, and every system caters for each [...]

Solar: All The Reasons

2016-10-18T13:56:16+00:00 Wednesday, November 11, 2015|Alternative Energy News|

The word from Eskom is that there will be no loadshedding until next year May, according to company CEO Brian Molefe. As a direct result, less people are investing in back-up systems to get their businesses and their households through loadshedding times. While solar energy, inverters and batteries are directly linked to loadshedding and power [...]

Generating your own electricity – Now You Can!

2016-10-18T13:56:27+00:00 Friday, October 31, 2014|Alternative Energy News, off grid solutions, renewable energy, solar photovoltaic|

Generating your own electricity is now an easy possibility. You may have noticed lately that more residences and businesses are being equipped with photovoltaic solar (PV) roof panels. The reason is relatively simple: the cost to do so has dropped dramatically over the past few years and reasonable financing options have become available. The Bay [...]